Carpark floor manufacturer in Gurgaon

CPS[Car Park Floor] Multi-layer Flooring Coating


  • Suitable for all zones in a car park including ramps.
  • Seamless and watertight.
  • Rapid application, reliable and safe.
  • UV resistant for external are as.
  • Hard Wearing
  • Anti Skid
  • Can be made available as RAL Shades.

CPS Multi-layer Flooring

CPS Multi-layer Flooring
Car Park System
Car Park Systems-Schematic Build-Up
  • CPS is a multi-layer flooring system comprising, Wear Coat, Anti slip grains and a top coat. All components are applied separately and react chemic ally to format ought and hardwearing protective surface.


    CPS is a modified polyurethane system designed to provide a superior level of protection to new and existing, trafficked are as.

    • Car park decks
    • Car park ramps
    • Transport depots
    • Service centers
    • Garages
    • Workshops
    • Exposed Decks
    • Internal Decks
    • Ramps
    • Walkways / Stairwells
    • Demarcation
    • Service Corridors

    Car DecK Coating System are the most suitable system for parking structures.

  • Car Park System:

    • Wide range of colors available
    • Good durability / easyre coating
    • Good cost / performance ratio
  • Car Park Systems-Schematic Build-Up:

    • CPS Wearing Coat.
    • CPS Anti-slip Grains
    • CPS Top Coat