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MKP Pigment Pastes

Salient Features of Pigment Pastes:

MKP Pigment Pastes:
MKP Pigment Pastes
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  • Salient Features of Pigment Pastes:

    • Choiceable Colour.
    • Non Conductive.
    • Hi Temp. Resistance.
    • Hi Chemical Resistance.
    • Excellent Coverage.
    • Long Shelf Life.
    • Hi UV Stability.
    • Weather resistance.
    • Excellent Glossy finish.
    • Excellent Brush ability.
    • Viscosity compatible for FRP/SMC/DMC/BMC molding materials.
  • MKP Pigment Pastes

    MKP Pigment Pastes are high quality pigment pastes, offer users a wide range of distinct colour shades, specially formulated to impart weather ability and colour fastness. All MKP pigment pastes are based on stable, lightfast pigments and non reactive media.

    The colour pastes are made using a specifically formulated, monomer-free polyester resin as the medium. This resin used is compatible with almost all known polyester resins and gelcoats.

    Recommended level based on the weights of resins is
    Gelcoat 8-10%
    Laminate 5%
    SMC / DMC 3-5%
    Roof Light Shets 1-3%
    Filed Casting 6-8%
    Pultrusion 8-10%
  • Packing Available:

    50gms, 100gms, 250gms, 1kg, 25kgs, 50kgs.